Subscribe and save 

Hassle-free: get yfood at fixed intervals.

Can’t get enough of our drinks, and always worried about suddenly finding your stash is empty?

Then you can subscribe and save with yfood here!

Here’s how it works:

Subscribe and save 15%! 

Adjustable at any time.

1. Subscribe 

Choose the product you want, select your delivery period and start your subscription (e.g. 12 bottles of yfood every 2 weeks).

2. Drink 

You’ll receive your yfood Drinks or yfood Powder to enjoy every selected time period.

3. Save 

With every order you make as a subscriber, you save 15% compared to the individual purchase price!

Why subscribe? 

Reason 1: However often, however much, wherever you are.

If you subscribe, you will receive a 15% discount on your order.

Reason 2: Never be without yfood.

With our yfood subscription you can adjust your delivery interval to suit you. Receieve your yfood as often as you want, directly to your door.

Reason 3: Cancel at any time

Our subscriptions can be terminated at any time without any cancellation period.

All that’s left now is to subscribe 

  • Select the yfood 15% subscribe and save discount
  • Select as many of your favourite flavours as you want and add them to the subscription
  • Decide how often you want to receive a delivery
  • Check your subscription and add it to your basket
  • Complete your order at the checkout
  • Look forward to your delivery, direct to your home

What are the benefits of a YFood subscription?

Subscribing is really worth it! Our subscribers receive 15% off all orders, can change delivery intervals, product varieties and sizes to suit them, and can pause deliveries whenever they want. But the best part is that they get yfood delivered directly to their door with no hassle!

How do I change/amend my subscription?

You can view, individually modify or pause your subscription at any time.

You can also change the delivery address of each individual subscription in the order overview by clicking on the Edit button.

You can cancel your subscription after a miminum of 3 charges.

Is there a minimum subscription period?

No, it’s totally flexible. The yfood subscription is convenient, simple and has no minimum subscription period.