About yfood

What is yfood?

yfood is your smart on-the-go solution - nutritionally complete, balanced, tasty and easily prepared ready-to-drink meals. In addition to our milk-based and vegan drinks, we also have milk-based and vegan powders and (vegan) bars. Our products contain a balanced ratio of protein, fibre, fats and at least 25 vitamins and minerals, as specified by the German Nutrition Society (DGE) for a complete diet. Behind yfood's products is a research and development team consisting of nutritionists, food technologists and research specialists, who work together with external experts and scientific institutions to formulate the best products.

What is Smart Food?

yfood's ready-to-drink meals fall under the 'Smart Food' category – a new category of food with a complete nutrient profile that can be consumed quickly and easily at any time. Our products are the result of the interplay between nutritional science and technology. The drinks enable people to consume a balanced diet anytime and anywhere. Smart Food is something bigger than other food trends or categories such as Functional Food, classic ready meals or protein drinks, because it is convenient, healthy, tasty and sustainable.

What is the idea behind yfood?

We all face the constant challenge of not attaining a balanced diet. In busy times like these, Smart Food is the solution. It is important to note that yfood does not want to replace traditional food, fresh and high-quality produced, or communal meals. On the contrary: a diverse and varied diet is essential, as are the social and cultural aspects of food. yfood seeks to provide a solution to close the gaps specifically in those situations where you have no time or access to fresh and healthy meals.

Where did the name yfood come from?

The original idea was first and foremost to offer a product that would cater for the needs of Generation Y, which is known to live a particularly dynamic life and is also strongly aware of topics in optimisation and sustainability. In the meantime, we noticed that yfood is a problem solver for all generations, and we are always overwhelmed by the varied use cases of different demographics. For example, yfood helps nursing and rescue workers, police officers and truck drivers to eat better, even in situations that are out of the norm.

Where does the claim "This is food" come from?

Our central message "This is food" is on all our packaging. With this, we aim to communicate that our products offer a complete nutrient composition and a smart approach to achieving a complete and balanced diet.

What is the recommended intake for yfood?

yfood is made for situations where people don't have time for, or access to, fresh and healthy meals. You can consume yfood at any time of the day – for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just as a snack to keep you going throughout the day. We recommend a conscious consumption of yfood as part of a balanced and varied diet, including fresh and high-quality produce. Do pay attention to your personal physiological needs, such as your weight, height and activity level. It is very important to emphasise that yfood is not intended to completely replace traditional food – a diverse and varied daily diet with fresh and high quality products is just as essential as the social and cultural aspects that come from eating with others.

Does yfood make you full?

Well, of course! Our products are designed to fill you up to varying degrees depending on the number of calories they contain. For example, our bars are intended as a snack to keep you going between meals, whereas our ready-to-drink meals and shakes can keep you full for up to several hours. And, most importantly, without placing any stress on the digestive system. Please note that satiation levels depend on individual physiological factors, such as height, activity level and sensitivity.

Good to know: together with the University of Lübeck, we have scientifically investigated the satiating effect of our products compared to classic convenience food. It turned out that our drinkable meals led to a significantly better feeling of satiety than, for example, a burger or Caesar salad, whilst at the same time providing a more complete nutrient profile.


How are your products different?

First of all, all our products have a complete nutrient profile, they taste good, and are easy to prepare.

Our drinks are complete, balanced meals. This means that they fill you up for several hours and provide you with energy without placing any stress on the digestive system. One drink contains 500 kcal, which covers 25% of your daily energy and nutrient requirements (based on the average energy requirement of an adult of 2,000 kcal).

The shakes are a form of the drinks that you can prepare and mix yourself. They have a slight powdery consistency, and can be mixed with water in a shaker, without the need for any heating or mixing process. Based on our recommended intake, one serving provides 400 kcal of energy. By preparing the shakes yourself, you can determine the mixing ratio, consistency and calorie content that works for you.

Our bars are intended as balanced snacks to sustain you in between meals. Being only 60g, they can easily fit in your pocket or backpack.

How many calories do your products contain?

A yfood drink (500 ml) contains 500 kcal and covers about 25% of your daily energy and nutrient requirements (based on the average energy requirement of an adult of 2,000 kcal). This also applies to our vegan drinks.

To prepare the shakes, we recommend a mixing ratio of four leveled spoonfuls for the Classic Powders and three heaping spoonfuls for the Vegan Powders with 300 ml of water – your shake will contain 400 kcal. To make it easier for you, remember: one Classic Powder scoop contains 100 kcal (vegan powder: 133 kcal). In this way you can custom-adjust the mixing ratio depending on your personal physiological needs with respect to, for example, your weight, height or activity level.

One bar (60g) contains 180 or 220 kcal (depending on the variety) and is therefore ideal to curb cravings in between meals.

How long do your products last for?

All yfood drinks (Classic and Vegan) have a shelf life of twelve months from the time of production. To achieve this, we have been collaborating with experienced food technologists for a long time. And the best news is that we do not use preservatives in our complex high-tech manufacturing process.

The yfood Classic Powder has a shelf life of 10 months from the time of production, whilst the Vegan Powder has a shelf life of 6 months.

On the other hand, our Fruity range only has a shelf life of 5 months (drinks) and 6 months (powders) from the time of production due to its special composition.

Our bars also have a shelf life of twelve months from the time of production.

It is important for us to take a stand against the waste of resources and food. That is why we also sell products that no longer have their full shelf life. Of course, we always ensure that products that are about to expire are not sold.

What does the Nutri-Score mean on your products?

Simply put, the Nutri-Score evaluates the composition and quality of the nutrients of different foods and gives you as a consumer nutritional guidance. More specifically, the Nutri-Score tells you whether a particular food has more of a favourable or unfavourable nutrient composition. The Nutri-Score is based on a scientifically recognised algorithm. This balances various nutrients and ingredients whose consumption can have either a beneficial or unfavourable effect on health. This means you can easily compare different foods in a product group: a green "A" contributes to more a healthy diet compared a red "E". Logical, right?

We are very proud that our products are rated with a category A Nutri-Score due to their optimal nutrient composition. In opting for Nutri-Score labelling, our wish is to be transparent with our ingredients and to make it as easy as possible to compare them with those of similar products.

How do I prepare yfood products correctly?

Our drinks and bars can be readily consumed. For our shakes and hot bowls, only a few simple steps are necessary before you can enjoy them.

Shakes: to prepare the shakes, we recommend a mixing ratio of four leveled spoonfuls for Classic Powders and three heaping spoonfuls for Vegan Powders to 300 ml of water. Then, you just need to put the lid on, shake for 10 seconds and enjoy! Tip: put the shake in the fridge for five to ten minutes, then the fibre will have some time to absorb the liquid. This improves the consistency of the drinks even more.

The measuring spoon we include is made from injection-moulded paper pulp. This means that it is made of bio-based material, and is therefore BPA and petroleum-free. What's more, it is home compostable and made in Germany. Please note, however, that it is not dishwasher safe and will deform when exposed heat.

Do I need to refrigerate yfood products?

In a nutshell: no. You don't have to refrigerate our products. But here's a tip: since our drinks and shakes still taste better chilled, it's best to refrigerate them before enjoying them! Once opened, please refrigerate our drinks and consume within 24 hours.

Are yfood's products vegan/vegetarian?

Our entire range is either vegetarian or vegan. Why's that?

Our Classic ready-to-drink meals contain low-fat milk and are therefore vegetarian. But there are also delicious vegan soy-based versions of these products.

The same goes for our powders/shakes. We have a vegetarian, milk-based version, as well as a vegan version, which contains various vegetable protein sources such as soy, sunflower seeds and peas as a basis.

Our bars are also available in both vegetarian that are completely plant-based vegan versions.

Is yfood suitable for pregnant women?

In principle: yes. Our yfood products are manufactured subject to the highest hygienic precautions. Our meal replacement drinks are heated to an ultra-high temperature and the bottles are filled aseptically. Therefore, from a microbiological point of view, their consumption is absolutely harmless for pregnant and breastfeeding women alike. Only the varieties "Cold Brew Coffee" and "Vegan Coffee" are unsuitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women as they contain caffeine. Importantly, however, we do not make any medical recommendations. Therefore, it is best to clarify with your midwife or gynaecologist/obstetrician as to whether consuming yfood is good for you.

Is yfood also suitable for children?

The energy content in our drinks, as well as the amount of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals contained, are adapted to the needs of the average adult. They are therefore above the recommended nutrient intake per meal of a child. In theory, it is possible and safe for older children and adolescents to consume yfood products. However, the amount consumed should be tailored to the child's/adolescent's age and to the nutrient recommendations that apply to them. An exception to this are the Cold Brew Coffee and Vegan Coffee varieties, which are overall unsuitable due to the caffeine contained.

Why does yfood have such a high protein content?

All of our products, with the exception of our vegan bars, are "high in protein". This means that at least 20% of the energy content is provided from a protein source. In our Classic meal replacement drinks, shakes, and bars, we use milk protein, which is a high-quality source of protein and contains all the essential amino acids that are essential for our body.

In our Vegan products, we use various vegetable sources of protein, such as soy, sunflower seeds, peas, lentils, almonds or quinoa. Here, too, we select high-quality protein sources that contain all the essential amino acids. Our vegan bars provide at least 18% of the energy content from a protein source.

Among other benefits, proteins promote a feeling of satiety when combined with the dietary fibres contained in yfood products, and they are partially responsible for the low glycaemic index of our products.

Why do we use plastic?

You're wondering why we're using plastic in the first place? Our packaging material needs to meet stringent standards to effectively safeguard our products from light and oxygen, ensuring their long shelf life while preserving their valuable vitamins and minerals. Although we continuously explore innovative alternatives, plastic has proven to be the most suitable option so far.

Currently, our yfood bottles contain 30-50% recycled plastic, and we are working hard to increase our recycled components to 100%. It's important to note that our yfood bottles are 100% recyclable. Therefore, it is crucial that you act responsibly by properly disposing of our bottles to help conserve non-renewable raw materials. To do so, please throw away the aluminium seal, lid, and empty bottle separately into the designated yellow bin or your yellow garbage bag. By following this process, the raw materials can be effectively reintegrated into the cycle of reusable materials. Additionally, our vegan drinks are already part of the German deposit system, ensuring their proper handling.

What is the correct way to dispose of yfood products?

All yfood bottles are 100% recyclable. To ensure their recyclability, please separate the aluminium seal from the bottle and dispose the bottle, the seal and the lid separately in the designated yellow garbage bag. Our vegan ready-to-drink (RTD) products are already part of the German deposit system, meaning you can simply return them to any store that accepts deposits.

The packaging for our powders and bars is made of composite material, and also belongs in the yellow garbage bag.

I am diabetic. What do I need to be aware of?

Our yfood products naturally contain sugar - for example, in milk, maize fibres, rice or maltodextrin, which we use as carbohydrate sources. Therefore, they also have an influence on blood sugar levels, which insulin-dependent diabetics must, of course, pay attention to. Since we are not allowed to make medical recommendations, it is best to seek for medical advice with an expert.

What is the packaging made of?

If you want to know what the packaging of our products is made of, you can find a detailed list of the materials per product packaging in our overview. For our drinking meals, there is a code that provides information about the composition of the materials in each bottle. You can find it in the ellipse above the quantity.


What allergenes are contained in yfood products?

Our Classic yfood drinks contain milk (< 0.1 g lactose/100 ml), which becomes lactose-free during the production process due to the addition of lactase. They are strictly gluten-free and do not contain residues of common allergens, such as soy or nuts. Our vegan alternative, on the other hand, is soy-based – but it is dairy-free.

yfood Classic Powders contain (lactose-free) milk protein and gluten-free oat fibres. This means that both those with a lactose intolerance and those with a gluten intolerance can consume all products. In the case of a general milk protein or wheat allergy, they are only suitable to a limited extent.

Vegan meal replacement drinks: our vegan yfood contains soy protein, lecithins (soy) and gluten-free oat fibre. The vegan drinks naturally contain no lactose and are completely dairy-free.

We take special care to ensure that our meal replacement drinks and powders are as low in allergens as possible. They are therefore also completely free of eggs and nuts.

Why do you use mik/milk protein?

Milk is naturally a very nutritious food that contains numerous vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Milk protein, in particular, which is composed of whey protein and casein, has a balanced and complete amino acid profile. To put it even more simply: milk protein provides very high-quality protein. The addition of the enzyme lactase during the production process means you can also enjoy our drinks without any problems if you do not tolerate lactose. Our vegan soy-based drinks are naturally lactose-free and free of milk protein.

Why do you use soy (instead of alternatives such as oats, peas, etc.)?

Soy protein is a particularly high-quality protein with the highest plant-based PDCAA score. This is a key figure used in nutritional science and indicates the quality and digestibility of protein. Soy protein, unlike many other plant-based protein sources, has a particularly good amino acid profile. That is, it provides the body with all the essential amino acids. On top of this, it has a pleasantly mild taste and helps to make our drinks creamier.

Where does your soy come from? Sustainability?

The soy used for our vegan meal replacement drinks comes from Europe and North America. In each and every case, we make sure that when our soy is produced it is completely free of genetic engineering.

What is maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a multi-chain carbohydrate derived from vegetable starch. We use it in small amounts as a source of carbohydrate because it is easily soluble. It is solely used to supply energy, not for sweetening.

For a more detailed explanation of maltodextrin: maltodextrin is a carbohydrate. All carbohydrates are made up of different sugar building blocks that are linked together to form chains of different lengths. When we eat food containing carbohydrates, our body breaks the chains up into individual sugar molecules, which then enters the bloodstream.

The important thing for you to know is how quickly this happens – that is, how quickly your blood sugar levels increase. Of course, this always depends on how all the ingredients behave in combination with one another. The glycaemic index provides this information. The glycaemic index of our yfood Classic Drinks has been
scientifically calculated to eliminate the chance of metabolic stress triggered by a sharp increase in blood sugar due to maltodextrin. The low glycaemic index of just 32 can be attributed to the balanced macronutrient profile with a high protein and fibre content. Our yfood Lassi Drinks have a very similar composition and a similar macronutrient profile, so you can assume a similar glycaemic index here as well. The exact glycaemic index will soon be determined for all our products.


What kind of payments do you accept?

You can pay by Paypal, credit & debit card, Amazon Pay, Google Pay or Sofortüberweisung. It's very easy – simply choose a payment method in the second step during checkout.

Note: If you use our subscription service, you can currently only pay with Paypal or credit card. However, we are working on offering more payment options in the future.

Which delivery service takes care of my order?

We ship our parcels with DHL: as soon as the shipment is on its way, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking code of your order. You can use this link at any time to find out where your package is currently located.

Where do you deliver to?

We ship to most countries in the EU – you will find a list under "Payment and shipping".

If your country is not on the list, please contact info@yfood.eu.

Can I also have my order delivered to a Packstation?

Sure! Just input your DHL Packstation as the delivery address. And please make sure that you provide the following information:

1. First and last name (according to registration)

2. Personal PostNumber/customer number (according to customer card)

3. The word "Packstation" in the street field (without stating a street!)

4. Enter the number of the Packstation in the house number field.

My package has not arrived. Now what?

Don't worry – we'll take care of it. Of course, we work extremely hard to ensure that all packages arrive as quickly as possible. However sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, things may not go as smoothly as planned. Therefore, if your package does not arrive on time, just send us an email at info@yfood.eu and we will help you resolve it.

How can I cancel my order?

It's a shame that you want to cancel your order. If something went wrong or there is something you are unhappy about, please let us know and we'll try our best to find a solution or you. If you want to cancel your order, simply contact us within 30 days of placing your order. Please note, however, that we are unable to cover the cost of return shipping.

My delivery is incomplete. What can I do?

Oh no! Needless to say, that's not supposed to happen! We're sorry if something went wrong here. Just send us an email at info@yfood.eu and we will take care of it.

Why have you raised your prices?

Unfortunately, the general price increases brought by the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences have hit us, too. Supply bottlenecks and other factors have therefore caused wholesale prices for us to soar. This means that we have to pay a higher purchase price for our high-quality raw materials, which is partially reflected in our sale prices. It is still in our best interest to offer you a good mix of high-quality raw materials and, at the same time, a fair price per meal, and we will do everything we can to ensure this remains the case.

What are the benefits of a yfood subscription?

It's quite simple – you save 15% on every order. And you get yfood delivered directly to your door without any hassle.

And, of course, we still want to maintain a high level of flexibility: that's why there is no minimum term, and you can change the delivery frequency as well as the product varieties and sizes at any time – and you can pause the deliveries whenever you want.

How do I make changes to my subscription?

You can do this via your account on our homepage: simply log in and access your features under Subscription. Here, you will find all your details and can pause or cancel your subscription. You can also change the number and frequency of deliveries and the due date, as well as add or remove products. If you want to amend the address for your subscription, simply do this in the Order Overview.

Is there a minimum term for the subscription?

No – you have complete flexibility. The yfood subscription does not have a minimum term.

How do I register an account?

Registering is super easy: click on the Account button next to the shopping basket in the top-right corner of the website and you're good to go!

I've forgotten my password. What now?

No problem. It can happen to the best of us! Please send us an email to info@yfood.eu, and we will reply with a reset link. All you have to do is confirm it and you'll be back in your account in no time.

How does "Refer a friend"?

Recommend yfood to your friends, and you will both receive a €10 yfood voucher.

All you have to do is register here, and your unique friend referral link will be created.

Share this link with your friends, for example, via WhatsApp, email, or Facebook.

The link includes a €10 voucher for your friends (only valid for new customers with a minimum order €35)

As soon as your friends place their first order using your unique link, you will also receive your €10 voucher in your email inbox (minimum order of €35).

How do I redeem my voucher?

Simply enter your code during the order process – you'll have the opportunity to do this just before selecting your preferred payment method. Please note: the vouchers are only valid for individual purchases and not for subscriptions (For subscription, we offer a 15% discount by default), or other items that are already on discount.


Where can I sign up for the newsletter?

It's amazing that you want to make sure you're always up to date with yfood: just scroll down to the bottom of our homepage. There, you can enter your email address and receive a €5 voucher for your next order. If that's not a win, we don't know what is...

I'm not receiving the newsletter. What can I do?

Have you already checked your spam folder? Unfortunately, our emails may sometimes end up there. If you don't see anything in your spam folder either, please send us an email, and we will add you to it manually.

How can I unsubscribe from from the newsletter?

We're sorry to hear you no longer want to be notified. Were there too many updates? If you really want to unsubscribe, simply scroll down to the bottom of one of our newsletter emails and click on "Unsubscribe".