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About YFood 

What is YFood?

YFood is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a healthy, affordable and delicious meal on hectic days. It's the ideal alternative to fast food.

Our products come in three delicious varieties: YFood Ready-to-Drink MealsYFood Bars, and YFood Powder. Whichever suits you best for whatever your day has in store for you!

Where does YFood come from?

We are a young German company based in Munich. Our products have been developed with the help of food technologists following state-of-the-art research. They are produced in Germany and Austria.


What products does YFood have?

Our products come in three delicious varieties: YFood Drinks, YFood Bars, and YFood Powder. Whichever suits you best for whatever your day has in store for you!  

When should I have YFood?

Quite simply, you should enjoy YFood whenever you’re hungry. There’s no fixed time, because YFood can replace any meal, whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

We recommend our ready-to-drink meals as a substitute for one or two meals - for those times when you're in a rush, for example. But continue to make sure you're eating a varied and balanced diet.

Does YFood fill you up?

Definitely! YFood has been developed to keep you feeling full for several hours and provide you with constant energy without that annoying afternoon slump. How long you feel full for will naturally depend on your body size and activity levels.

Can YFood help me lose or gain weight?

YFood offers you a balanced meal that satisfies your hunger and provides you with energy for hours. With YFood ready to drink meals it is easy to count calories, because all products always contain the same nutritional values. 

However, in addition to a balanced diet, in order to lose weight you also need to use more energy through exercise.

The same applies to weight gain. As YFood always contains the same nutritional values, it's very easy to use it to add “extra calories” to your normal food to increase the total amount of energy you take in.

What is maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is an excellent source of energy because it is metabolised evenly by the body and therefore ensures a pleasant feeling of satiety. It's also generally well tolerated.

I am diabetic. What do I need to be aware of?

If you are diabetic, due to a deficiency of the hormone insulin, eating foods containing carbohydrates leads to a spike of glucose in the blood and thus to an increase in blood sugar levels. The sugar found in our ingredients, e.g. milk or maltodextrin, also has an influence on blood sugar levels, which insulin-dependent diabetics should naturally pay attention to.

However, we are not in a position to be able to give medical advice, so if in doubt please check with your doctor.

YFood Drink

What is our YFood drink?

YFood Drinks are delicious, complete ready to drink meals that contain everything your body needs. YFood keeps you full for 3-5 hours and provides you with constant energy throughout the day without you getting that bloated feeling. One YFood Drink (500ml) covers the whole spectrum of essential nutrients and 25% of your daily energy requirements (based on an energy requirement of 2000 kcal a day).

How many calories are in YFood drinks?

A 500ml bottle contains 500 kcal or 25% of the recommended daily intake (based on an energy requirement of 2000 kcal a day).

The 330ml bottles only contain 330 kcal, so are perfect for a snack on the go.

Do YFood drinks need to be refrigerated?

We have been working with experienced food technologists for a long time and use a complex high-tech production process. This means that our drink is packaged without the use of preservatives and – as long as the freshness seal is not opened – can be stored for twelve months without refrigeration. But as it does taste better slightly cooled, we’d recommend chilling it for a few hours before enjoying. 

What allergens do YFood drinks contain?

YFood Drinks contain lactose-free milk (<0.1 g lactose / 100 ml).

Why do you use milk/milk protein?

Milk is a natural product that has a tradition going back thousands of years in Europe. Those not allergic to dairy components or following a vegan diet can consume it without hesitation.Their high proportion of nutrients (such as high-quality protein and 26 vitamins and minerals) make them a high-quality foodstuff that can also be enjoyed by lactose-intolerant people thanks to the addition of lactase.

We have chosen to use milk protein because of the full-bodied taste and balanced amino acid profile of whey and casein. 

Are YFood drinks vegetarian/vegan?

Our YFood Ready to Drink Meals contain skimmed milk, so they are vegetarian but not vegan. 

Why do your drinks come in plastic bottles? What about recycling?

At the moment we rely on packaging that is impermeable to light and oxygen; otherwise, we cannot guarantee the shelf life of our nutrients without the addition of preservatives. Therefore, we are currently using 100% recyclable HDPE for our packaging, and our bottles are made from 30% recycled plastic. Due to its light permeability and weight, glass is not an option. Unlike our bottles, Tetra Pak packaging is not made of just one material, but of so-called composite carton. This makes recycling the material more difficult, which is why it is often incinerated. 

We recognise that there is great potential for improvement here and are already working on a more sustainable alternative!

Are YFood drinks suitable during pregnancy?

Our drinks are treated at an ultra-high temperature and aseptically filled. This makes consuming them safe from a microbiological point of view. However, due to its caffeine content, the Cold Brew Coffee flavour is not suitable. However, as a matter of principle we do not provide medical recommendations or advice. If in doubt, please check with your midwife or paediatrician.

YFood Powder

What allergens does YFood powder contain?

Like our pre-mixed drinks, YFood Powders contain lactose-free ingredients and gluten-free oat fibre.

How many calories are in YFood powder?

As you can adjust the mixing ratio depending on how hungry you are, we cannot provide a generalised answer to this question. If you follow our serving suggestion (300ml water and 3 level scoops of powder), then there are 400 kcal per portion.

What is the difference between the drinks and powder?

In principle, the powder contains the same valuable ingredients as our drinks. However, as you can change the mixing ratio as you like, you will be able to get either a thicker or thinner shake. YFood Powder provides a real advantage when travelling.

Due to the lower weight you can take a supply with you when travelling and, due to the lack of liquid, even take it with you on the plane. Perfect for stressful business trips or your next holiday abroad!

Does the powder come with a free YFood shaker?

If you do not yet own a shaker, tick the appropriate box when ordering and we will send you one of our YFood shakers free of charge with your first delivery.

How do I prepare YFood powder?

Scoop (provided in the container): Mix three level scoops with 300ml water. Shake for about 10 seconds. Enjoy. 

Shaker: Add powder to the line provided and mix with 300ml water. Shake for about 10 seconds. Enjoy.

You can also find the preparation instructions on the packaging.

YFood Bar

What is our YFood bar?

The YFood Bars can do everything our drinks and powders can. They contain macronutrients as well as 26 vitamins and minerals, make you feel full without putting you in a food coma, and fit in every pocket.

How many calories are in YFood bars?

One bar (75g) contains 250 kcal, so is perfect for a snack on the go.

Why do the YFood bars contain oligofructose syrup and inulin?

These two ingredients are dietary fibre, so they are classified as functional foods. Dietary fibre is plant fibre and it increases its volume in your stomach, which makes you feel full.

Where does the high protein content of YFood bars come from?

Milk protein supplies the protein for our bars. With 23g of protein, YFood bars are ideal as a snack before or after training.

What allergens do YFood bars contain?

Note to allergy sufferers: The bars are gluten-free and do not contain nuts; however, they do contain milk and soy!



Our vegan YFood contains soy protein, lecithins (soy) and gluten-free oat fibre. 


Just like our milk-based drinks, a 500ml bottle of the vegan version contains 500 kcal and 25% of the recommended daily intake (based on an energy requirement of 2000 kcal a day).


The decision to use soy was mainly due to its excellent amino acid profile. Plus, the drink tastes really good with soy!


The soy we use is GMO free and comes from Europe and the USA.

Order, delivery & payment 

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay using PayPal, credit & debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Shopify Pay. You can select the payment method in the second step at the checkout after you have entered your contact information. If you subscribe, you can currently pay by credit card, debit card or using PayPal. We are also working on offering additional payment options here, but unfortunately this is currently proving somewhat difficult due to technical regulations.

Which delivery service will process my order?

We send all our packages with DHL.

Once your package has been sent, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the tracking code. You can use this link to check where your package is in real time.

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver to the Republic of Ireland and most EU countries. You can find an exact list in the payment and delivery section. If you cannot find your country in the list, please contact us at en@yfood.eu.

Can I also have my order delivered to a Service Point?

Of course! Just add your DHL Service Point as the delivery address. 

For deliveries to Service Points, please remember to enter the following:

1. Full name (as provided in your registered account)

2. Your customer number (as shown on your customer card)

3. The word “Service Point” in the street field (without the street name!)

4. The Service Point number in the house number field.

My package has not arrived. What now?

Although we do our best to deliver all parcels as quickly as possible, of course something can always go wrong. If your parcel is delayed or has not arrived, please send us a message at en@yfood.eu and we will find a solution.

How do I cancel my order?

If you’ve really decided that YFood is not for you we’re sad to hear that, but everyone’s tastes differ. Simply get in touch within 30 days of placing your order and we will find a solution. However, please be aware that we cannot assume the costs for any returns.

My delivery is not complete. What should I do?

We’re only human, too. Something might have been missed out when your order was being packed. Simply send us a message to en@yfood.eu and we’ll take care of it!

I entered the wrong address when ordering. Can I change it?

This can happen. We can usually change the address as long as the order has not yet been shipped. Please get in touch as soon as possible so we can see what we can do!

YFood Subscription 

What are the benefits of a YFood subscription?

Subscribing is really worth it! Our subscribers receive 20% off all orders, can change delivery intervals, product varieties and sizes to suit them, and can pause deliveries whenever they want. But the best part is that they get YFood delivered directly to their door with no hassle. 

Please keep in mind, 3 minimum charges are required to cancel the subscription.

How do I change/amend my subscription?

You can view, individually modify or pause your subscription at any time. 

Simply log in to your account via the website. You will then find everything you need to manage your subscription under Subscription

By clicking on Order Overview, you can view current subscriptions, change the amount, frequency and delivery date, and add or remove products. 

You can also change the delivery address of each individual subscription in the order overview by clicking on the Edit button.

Is there a minimum subscription period?

No, it’s totally flexible. The YFood subscription is convenient, simple and has no minimum subscription period. Please keep in mind, that you can only cancel your subscription after 3 charges have been made.


How do I register an account?

Under the Log in section at the top right of the web page, click on “New customer?”. Alternatively, you can create an account during the ordering process when you complete your order.

I have forgotten my password. What now?

It happens to all of us, so don’t worry! Send us a message at en@yfood.eu and we’ll send you a reset link. Simply confirm and you can get going again.

Vouchers & newsletter 

How do I redeem my voucher?

Vouchers can only be redeemed for individual purchases, not for subscriptions or other products that are already discounted. When you subscribe, you automatically receive 20% off. You can enter voucher codes during the order process just before selecting your payment method.

Where can I subscribe to the newsletter?

We love that you want to be kept in the loop about what’s happening at YFood! You can subscribe to our newsletter by scrolling down to the bottom of our website and entering your e-mail address. On top of receiving all our exciting news, we’ll also send you a €5 voucher!

I haven’t received the newsletter. What should I do?

First check your junk folder as our e-mails do unfortunately end up there sometimes. If you still don’t have it, send us an e-mail and we’ll send it out to you again manually.

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

We’ll be sorry to see you unsubscribe, but you can do so by scrolling through to the bottom of your newsletter e-mail and clicking on unsubscribe.


Subscribe to our newsletter and receive €5 off your next purchase.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. Vouchers cannot be combined with other discounts.
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