The story behind YFood 

Founders. With strong foundations. 

Long, stressful work days and almost no time for healthy food. When working together in the finance industry, yfood founders Ben and Noël often resorted to fast food. “It’s quick, but you start feeling miserable again just as quickly afterwards”, Ben explains.

When the constant junk food slowly but surely began to affect their health, the two of them set out to find an alternative. When they couldn’t find one, the two of them took matters into their own hands and developed the idea of yfood.

“We quickly realised that our idea had the potential to help many others to eat healthier”, says Noël looking back. And because Ben and Noël don’t like doing things by halves, they put all their eggs in one basket! They quit their secure, well-paid jobs, jumped in at the deep end and started their mission: to enable healthy nutrition in every situation.

Together with leading food technologists, the two of them tried out various recipes to develop a drink that is balanced and healthy. And it tastes good, too! Both founders were very aware that enjoyment is part of a good, positive diet. But they soon realised this would not be as easy as they had thought.

“The first recipes were balanced and healthy. But they tasted absolutely awful”, Ben recalls. So the two of them and their team continued their research with even more persistence. Several recipe changes, taste tests and months later the time had finally come: the first drink was ready, and it was an instant hit with the entire team!

Throughout the development of yfood, the founders never lost focus of the environment, and the importance of sustainability in today's world.

“We use 100% recyclable HDPE packaging, and our bottles are already made from 30% recycled plastic. However, we know there is great potential for improvement and we are working on a more sustainable alternative.”

“We approached the whole thing very analytically and technologically, but when it came to taste, in the end it was actually gut feeling that decided the right composition”, said the founders.

That was just the start of this success story. Today, the yfood team in Munich includes over 180 food-tech enthusiasts. Satisfied customers in 26 countries can use the online shop to get yfood delivered to their doors.

And Ben and Noël have big plans. “Whether it's with our ready to drink meal, drink powder, or our bars, we want to do our part to curb excessive junk food consumption. In the future, we want to help even more people, on other continents as well, to find a balanced diet.”


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