yfood Shaker

With the new 600ml yfood Shaker you can now mix your own delicious and healthy yfood drinks. Everything your body needs: YFood Powder.

Flexible and portable nutrition thanks to the shaker and tasty powder varieties. And if you want an extra large portion, it also fits up to 800ml. Made in Europe!

Please note that this shaker is only available when you buy a YFood Powder.

  • Save 20%
  • Adjustable at any time
  • Never run out of YFood
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Free shaker 

with your first powder order

BPA & DEHP free 

for pure enjoyment


Simple to clean 

Dishwasher safe

Cocktail-making experience included! 

There’s no risk of lumps. So your YFood shakes are lovely and creamy, we have integrated a removable sieve for you. This means your drinks will always be perfectly mixed. Whether they’re shaken or stirred. And because we care about your health, our shaker is of course BPA & DEHP free.

Additional benefits. 

The YFood shaker is as flexible as you are. It is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. And you also have different options when it comes to the preparation: you can prepare a 400 kcal shake by using the markings on the back of the shaker, or you can use the scale on the shaker to choose your own mix. And to make the whole thing even simpler, the easy twist allows you to simply screw the lid on and off. And of course, it is 100% leak proof.

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